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ayl, c9s, 3s, vni, Become Distributor / Joint Venture – Higeia
March 11, 2017

Become Distributor / Joint Venture

Higeia invite marketing firms/individuals to share in our success by promoting our globally competitive product range in your territory. We, at Higeia, offer unmatched, proven quality, committed delivery schedules, and competitive prices to our prospective customers. We believe in long term relationship and invite proposals for distributorship from Indian & international market. As our business partner we offer you attractive and rewarding business terms. Interested? Please rush your complete details at jigar@higeia.in
We wish to offer AGENCY / DISTRIBUTORSHIP in your country and appreciate your interest to offer the best deal.

We are looking for a potential Collaboration to globalize our products to the Global customers through an appropriate co-operative efforts, such as Joint Venture, Technology Transfer, Marketing our products as a sole selling agent. etc.

Today, Higeia is looking for expanding its horizon by:

  • Launching new products offering value and convenience.
  • Expanding the availability of existing products in the Global Market.
  • Strategic tie-up with Progressive companies for marketing our products as a sole Selling Agent,
  • We are open to any offer that is mutually beneficial in an environment of trust and long-term relationship in building a proposition offering value to customers and generate goodwill in the society.


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